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The Visual Communication Conference


VisComm 38
June 17-20, 2024
Saratoga, Wyoming

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The Un-Conference Conference

The Visual Communication Conference is an un-Organized conference. There is no association, no board, no dues, no official membership. It is an annual get-together of people passionate about Visual Communication and it is that passion that makes it the most satisfying, most creative four days you will ever experience.

The conference is plenary, as everyone presents to everyone. People stay for the whole conference because you never know what will happen. Over dinner or lunch, someone will think of a great project, or you might be invited to contribute a journal article or chapter to a book. This un-Organized conference may be the most productive conference you attend this year. Here’s why:

  • The Visual Communication Conference is an annual non-affiliated gathering of scholars and practitioners that welcomes a broad scope of presentations ranging from traditional research methodologies to cutting-edge ideas.

  • The conference attracts many of the top academics in the field because of its informal nature, the scheduling of only one session at any time, and a format that allows the discussion of a wide range of ideas.

  • The conference takes place in a visually stimulating setting, and time is set aside to enjoy the location


All proposals are peer-reviewed to ensure quality. 


This year's conference will be held in Saratgoga, Wyoming at the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort. More information to come as the conference nears, including how to receive the discounted conference rate at this beautiful location.

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